The mysterious and tyrannical Professor Komodo issued a 10-year experiment to see how 5000 people would cope on an isolated island. The 5000 people were largely down on their luck, needing the money that Komodo was promising to those who completed the experiment - but the innocent social experiment took a sharp turn as Komodo showed his true colours.

The 5000 people were mutilated into becoming identical living mannequins, hairless, alabaster-white and hopelessly amnesiac. Stripped of their selves, they were released onto the island, and the 10-year experiment in survival and obedience began. Rebellious factions began to form, including the Mutiny of Friends, consisting of twenty-seven members. Four years into the experiment - when our comic begins - the mutiny is the final rebellious group surviving, and although its numbers have dwindled, the remaining mutineers refuse to give in.

And that's where Bunny comes in. She's one of the final mutineers, but does she share the mutiny's motives? Everyone's aware of Bunny's questionable, violent behaviour, but do they know the depths of why Bunny is who she is - her past, her impulses, her tools of the trade - what does she know that they don't?

What does she know about Komodo, and what does Komodo know about her?

About the Artist/Writer

My tumblr blog is atomicwrongs, my twitter is also atomicwrongs. Feel free to ask any questions about Bunny!

If you like my art, I take commissions.

About the Comic

It's a superhero tragedy, mostly humorous with some dark themes and themes of medical horror and dystopia.

It'll be split into four chapters, an intermission or two, and an epilogue. HERE is the chapter index!

It takes place in the Colkiverse B, but you don't need to know anything about Colkinom to enjoy it. Read Slug-Man? Bunny: Gore Justice takes place in the dark version of the timeline that comic exists in.

Here's the official blog: bunnygorejustice on tumblr. Bunny-related questions are welcome there too.

The comic is currently undergoing redraws. Chapter 1 looks like shit? Not for long!


I will warn in the author comments if there's to be an upcoming hiatus or semi-hiatus.

This comic is going to be bloody! There will be blood. Especially where Bunny is concerned. It'll all be stylised, cartoonish gore, but it'll still be gore.

There are, and there will be, themes of torture, death and sustained threat/violence.

I wouldn't completely warn you off it, because it's not hyper-realistic or massively disturbing, but if you're not fond of blood and gore, you might want to tread cautiously.

(FAQ coming soon, maybe! If enough people have enough questions!)